Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

The kids are finally back in school after a four day weekend. "Why 4 days" you ask? Because they had Thursday off for 'Fair Day'. Yep, I am totally serious they get a day off of school for the stinkin' county fair! Ridiculous!!! Anyway, Good Friday was really nice. I took Kendra and Juliana with me to the service at church. I have never been to a Good Friday service before, but they really did a fantastic job with it. We were singing and I looked down at Juliana and she was signing the song. She does this all the time, but it just really hit me at that moment as she signed about the love of Christ. *Cue mom's tears* Saturday we went to Eggstravaganza at church. Kendra was helping out with the event, she was stationed with the bunny. We joked that she was Bunny Secret Service to protect the bunny from Danica. Juliana is absolutely TERRIFIED of anyone in a costume, Danica however has a special kind of love for bunnies.
Easter brought on more fun. The kids trickled down the stairs as they woke up. The Easter Bunny had hid all of the eggs that the kids had colored. When everyone was up they got their baskets and found the eggs. E.B. didn't go overboard by any strech of the imagination this year. There was a pile on the table for them to all to divy up. There were bubbles, toothbrushes, a small chocolate bunny for each of them and a little more candy. Kendra got a book light rather than bubbles and she was a very happy camper. In years past E.B. has put very nice baskets together very personal for each kid. However, that gets ridiculously expensive when there are six kids. And the stuff usually ends up on the floor or shoved in a closet and they don't really even care about it. We went to the VERY late service at church. And we actually almost made it on time! I think they were still singing the first song, so that's pretty good for us;)) After church we came home and had a very festive lunch of left over pizza.
Make note of Kendra's Easter athleic wear and Danica's Easter turtleneck. I had nothing to do with either of those. They are who they are, and I am not going to make them dress up and pretend to be someone they are not. Danica has sensory issues and can be seen any day of the year in a turtleneck. Notice who photo bombed our picture? The Christmas boxes were put up before I put everything in them. I didn't even notice it until later when I was looking at the pictures for the second time. Also notice the phone that Juliana is holding. She was talking to my mom and wanted Nana to be in the picture:)) Some friends had invited us to come swimming in the afternoon. I found all of the pieces to everyones swim wear, we gathered up every clean towel in the house and 4 life jackets and off we went. The younger kids were all a bit timid about swimming last year, but they were all pretty fearless yesterday. It was a little chilly, but they all had a blast. So what was the traditional Easter supper that I so lovingly prepared for my family? Egg salad sandwiches! We were all tired. I am not a fan of spending oodles of time in the kitchen. They will eat them. And I was making sure that they all were tucked in on time so they were well rested for SCHOOL today! P.S. I DO know how to form a proper paragraph, however I DO NOT know how to make blogger cooperate with me. Any suggestions about that are much appreciated:))


  1. sounds like a perfect day to me!

  2. Hi, Tami! I'm here from Brazil and I know Juliana"s history a few years. But now you have this new blog and six kid? You had adopted 4 children? I beg your pardon but my english is so bad and i can't understand all. But if i'm right, i wish you all the happiness in the world. For you and for your family. You are a special person. I'm proud of your love for this children and they couldn't have a better mon.XoXo.

  3. Juliana,
    Thank you for letting me be a part of your Easter picture. You were beautiful as always. Love Nana

  4. WOW! Can't believe that's Kendra!!! I think that was the biggest shock of all. Juliana's new cheeks etc weren't even as big of a shock as realizing that young woman in the green sweatshirt was KENDRA! At first I thought that was your niece that had come to live with you. My how they both have grown so much!!! Beautiful kids, wonderful pictures. I love Julianas sense of humor, including Nana in the picture was classic! Thanks for the update!!! :)