Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh my gosh~ finding time, peace and quiet and brain power to blog don't all come together too often around here. I was certainly hoping that I would be able to blog more than what I have been. I want to shout from the rooftop that we are 'officially' parents to our little man now. Tuesday afternoon we went to court and finalized Caleb's adoption!!! He has been in our custody since June 2010 when he was just six weeks old. Now we are approaching his second birthday and he is finally a Wetmore:)) ADOPTION ROCKS!!!! From the time that I was a little girl I just knew in my heart that adoption would someday be part of my future. Four years ago I did a Google search for 'Treacher-Collins, adoption' and some information came up so I clicked on it. Right then and there my world was completely ROCKED. I will post a picture from court just as soon as I am able to find my camera;-) I used to be so organized---6 kids ago!


  1. It seems that you and your husband have found your calling in life. I'm just trying to figure out what mine is, if there is one beyond the little things I already do.

    -Greg from "Amish Country" PA

  2. I remember walking into your house one evening and finding you sitting at the table with a baby in your lap. I think I asked you whose baby it was and I think you said "Mine", but the question was just a formality. The look on your face said everything.

    That little man is a joy and blessing (unless he is teething and has a dirty diaper) and I can't imagine your family without him!